Gary Whitehead

Colron Engineering 2016 Limited

As a break down and repair company, a fast turn-around is essential to our business. Acti-Bush are always up for the challenge!  Their quality and accuracy of their products are second to none. After 14 years of using Acti-Bush I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

Keith McGovern

Macboring Ltd.

I have been line-boring, bore welding for more than thirty years, the last nineteen running my own business in Palmerston North. I have no hesitation in recommending Acti-Bush, their products are top class. When I am machining housings to fit hardened bushes using Acti-Bushes I can finish the machining without having the bushes on hand as their bush sizing is so good. I know the press fit will be spot on. Acti-Bush have a large stock of hardened bushes + hard shaft, if they don’t have what I want they will make it and fast.

They are a New Zealand company that cares.

Tony Parker

Mobile Machining Services Ltd

I have been dealing with Acti-Bush for over 12 years and consider Acti-Bush to be a key part of my business. The large range of bushes and hardened pins sizes in stock means I can get parts overnight or within days, the accuracy of bushes is spot on. This gives me the confidence to line-bore components knowing that when the parts arrive the fit is correct. When line-boring in the field it is great to be able to contact the team at Acti-Bush who have the knowledge and experience to deal with my requirements to complete my job. At the end of the day this adds up to a cost effective, time saving way to get the job done for clients.